BellyLab – English

Welcome to BellyLab!

BellyLab is a project that aims to assist professional dancers, in particular bellydancers, by providing technological and cultural consultancy. We have clients all over the globe and we are specialized in Arab culture and musicality.

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Among our services you’ll find:

Song Editing
We can edit your favorite song according to your time limits and needs, preserving the melodic, poetic and rhythmic coherence.

Didactic Material, Courses and Workshops
We develop didactic material and offer online training, courses and presentations.

Consultancy for shows
If you have already chosen the songs and the concept of your show, we can help you deepen your studies. If you have not decided on the song yet, we can together find one that fits your project, style and inspiration. We can also help you to identify styles and authors so that your show will be richer and suited to your artistic style and expression, and free from misconceptions regarding Arab culture.

by Rebeca Bayeh